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Fiji floods January 2012


Severe flooding and landslides on Fiji's largest island of Viti Levu has claimed 11 lives and has affected thousands of people.

The government declared a state of disaster shortly after the flooding began in several areas including near Fiji's second largest city Nadi.

The floodwaters are receding, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. Communities have been left with limited clean water. Crops have been washed away. Homes, shops and roads are damaged.

Fiji Red Cross staff and volunteers have been distributing emergency relief items to more than 9000 people in communities stranded by the floods.

Australian Red Cross sent water and sanitation specialists to assist Fiji Red Cross in installing and running water purification equipment, providing clean water to some of the worst affected communities.

Red Cross has also assisted communities with hygiene and sanitation as well as other relief supplies, such as clothing, cooking and eating utensils, blankets and tarpaulins.

Australian Red Cross has a longstanding program with Fiji Red Cross, working with communities to better prepare for disasters and is on standby to provide further support to Fiji Red Cross.

Red Cross supports communities, particularly those most in need, to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

Making a donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery supports the work that Red Cross Emergency Services does every day in Australia and wherever we are needed around the world.


Media enquiries: James Molan on 0448 571 484.

A family wade to safety with a few possessions in the Ba region of western Viti Levu in Fiji. (Photo: The Fiji Times.) Communities in the western towns of Ba, Lautoka, and Nadi are all dealing with the aftermath following major flooding. (Photo: Island Developers Limited/The Fiji Times.) Fiji Red Cross team members Emosi Sakaturu, Subesh Prasad and Australian Red Cross volunteer Kirra Litchfield place essential cooking items into an emergency kit, which will be distributed to communities displaced by flooding or other natural disasters. (Photo: Fiji Red Cross)