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Family involved with services and support from Red Cross Australia

Red Cross helps people get their family's health and wellbeing on track. By supporting vulnerable parents through our family services, Red Cross helps them support their kids at the most vulnerable and important times of their lives.

Red Cross believes that every child deserves the best start in life. Research tells us that the early years of childhood are especially influential on a child's outcomes later in life. This means that every child should have access to healthy food, secure housing, stable positive parenting, learning opportunities and friendships.

How we help

Red Cross provides family services to build parent's confidence, improve their health and nutrition and link them with friends and community.

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Good Start Breakfast Clubs
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Companionship and social support

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Red Cross works with thousands of families across Australia to break the cycles of disadvantage. Read more.

Building blocks for a better future


Gary and Gayel are two parents who say that getting involved with Red Cross has made a big difference for their families. Read more.