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Red Cross Employment Services offers free recruitment services to a wide range of organisations. We work with employers to find tailored solutions for their recruitment needs. We provide:

  • Job matching: providing loyal employees with the right skills and who fit in with your organisational culture
  • Job analysis: taking the time to get to know your company and work to fulfill your recruitment needs
  • Post-placement support: ensuring job seekers are working well and meeting your objectives and expectations  

As well as servicing a business need, organisations who work with Red Cross Employment Services fulfil a social need, giving back to the communities they are servicing.

How we work with you

Red Cross delivers valuable skills for life through its unique training, employment and support services centres. By partnering with us, you will receive support to:

  • find the right staff
  • recruit in a cost effective way
  • fill full-time, part-time and flexible positions
  • identify training and skilling solutions
  • work closer with your community and target markets
  • access financial incentives to reduce costs of employment 


To find out more about how Red Cross Employment Services can add value to your business, call 1300 236 756 or email 


If you would like more information around eligibility and access to the Disability Employment Services, you may find the following websites useful: