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Protect the things that are important to you

Red Cross' latest survey reveals more than 90% of people don't have a plan and more than 80% don't have an emergency kit, even though they know how important being prepared is.

According to survey results, while 85% of people know it's important to prepare for an emergency in reality just 8% have a written plan and more than half of us haven't even thought about planning what we'd do in a disaster.

Disasters can strike anyone, anytime and being prepared is the best way to ensure the safety and wellbeing of you and your family. Being prepared for a disaster means understanding the risks, being connected to people in your community and having an emergency plan and kit.

Protect what's important to you

An important part of planning for an emergency is knowing how you will protect those precious items that are most important to you - from your photo albums and passport to you child's teddy and family heirlooms.

We know from experience that losing precious possessions causes people a lot of distress. No one can attest to the importance of protecting the precious things in our lives more than those community members who have recently experienced emergencies. Watch this video to see them share why a plan is so important and can make a world of difference when recovering from a disaster.

Start preparing today

Work through Red Cross' REDiPlan, a free emergency plan that will help you prepare for any type of disaster.

Read our factsheet designed to help you to better protect the important items in your life.

Survey results

Read more about how prepared (or not!) we are as a nation.

We thank our partners, First National Foundation, Medibank Community Fund and Land Rover, for supporting our work to help people prepare for emergencies.

Be Red Cross ready

Stay connected during an emergency with a multi-powered AM/FM/Shortwave radio. This nifty radio includes an emergency LED torch and phone recharger. Visit the Red Cross shop »