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Solomon Islands

Humanitarian Aid Work & Development Programs

Almost 1,000 isolated and diverse islands make up the archipelago of the Solomon Islands. The 900-kilometre stretch comprises both rugged mountainous terrain and volcanic islands, and small, low-lying atolls.

With a history of civil unrest and political instability, high unemployment and negative economic growth, the Solomon Islands faces significant development challenges. Physical and sexual violence against women, sexually transmitted diseases and non-communicable diseases like diabetes are seriously impacting on economic development.

Healthier communities

"The children in the community were always getting sick," says Mirriam, a mother of three from the Weather Coast. Miriam and her community are now working alongside Red Cross staff to help build healthier and safer lives. Read more.

Working together

Australian Red Cross works in partnership with Solomon Islands Red Cross to support their efforts in community health and disaster preparedness. Our humanitarian and development programs aim to provide communities with the knowledge and skills to build healthier, safer and more sustainable lives.  Read more.


Solomon Islands