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Cyclone Olwyn 2015

Cyclone Olwyn, Western Australia: March 2015

Following cyclones Marcia and Lam, Western Australia was braced for the country's third cyclone in as many weeks and, once again, Red Cross was ready to respond.

Damage caused by Cyclone Olwyn. Photo: Courtesy of ABC

What happened?

Tropical Cyclone Olwyn made landfall early on Friday 13 March 2015. It intensified to a category 3 cyclone as it crossed Western Australia's Northwest Cape, bringing strong winds and rainfall.

How did Red Cross help?

Making sure people were prepared
In case of a serious emergency, Red Cross urged those in the area to make plans and get prepared, directing people to view and download the free informative preparedness resources on

"Being prepared can save lives. People who have prepared for a disaster often have more resilience and that can help them recover faster, both financially and emotionally."
Erin Fuery, Red Cross Emergency Services State Manager, WA

Providing support for those seeking shelter
In anticipation of a serious emergency, Red Cross had teams of trained staff and volunteers on the ground in the Pilbara region ready to help those affected by the storm. An evacuation centre was set up in Exmouth's town hall and Red Cross was there, providing support and psychological first aid to people seeking refuge.

Connecting friends and family
Red Cross also launched Register.Find.Reunite. in Exmouth and Onslow. The service helps reconnect friends and family separated during a disaster and Red Cross helped people register in the Exmouth evacuation centre.