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Crisis Response Crew

In a crisis every second matters. Join the Crisis Response Crew and see the impact your donations make. You'll experience what our aid workers do day-today via exclusive content from the field.

Do you want to know what it feels like to be there the moment an aid convoy crosses battle frontlines to get food and water to thousands of besieged civilians?

Do you want to witness the moment a family is reunited after years of separation or see the joy in a mother's eyes, knowing her children will have access to safe drinking water?

Now you can.

Red Cross teams are on the frontlines of major conflicts and disasters all over the world. Now, for the first time we're inviting our supporters to see what it's really like to be a Red Cross international aid worker through the Crisis Response Crew.

The Crisis Response Crew is a team of supporters who act behind the scenes to get humanitarian aid where it's most needed.

Join the Crisis Response Crew for just $10 a month for three months and see the real impact your donations make.

Every week you get to see what our aid workers see and experience what our aid workers experience through exclusive behind-the-scenes content direct from the field.

They could be setting up field hospitals in Yemen, organising emergency shelter for refugees in Lebanon, connecting water supplies for villages in Tonga, or negotiating with combatants in Iraq to allow aid and medical supplies into a conflict zone, no matter where they are or what they're doing, through joining the Crisis Response Crew our aid workers will take you with them.

Join the Crew today at or follow Crew updates on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.




Questions & Answers

What is the Crisis Response Crew?

It's a team that acts behind the scenes to get humanitarian aid where it's most needed. Monthly donations from Crew members help Red Cross to send aid workers overseas, support humanitarian operations or train emergency response teams around the world.

How do I join the Crew?

It's easy! Just head to and sign on for three months.

What do I get for joining?

You'll see the impact your donations make, via insights from our aid workers in the field.

You'll get real and raw accounts from people on the frontlines of a crisis response - whether in Syria, Somalia, Fiji or anywhere else. You'll discover how aid works, and why it sometimes doesn't. You'll also get exclusive invitations to meet our aid workers online or in person.

Most importantly, when a crisis happens, you'll know you're doing your part to help.

How many donations do I have to make?

To join the Crew, you'll give a minimum donation of $10 each month, for three months. When your subscription ends, you can sign on again if you like. Every week that you're a member of the Crisis Response Crew, you'll get an email packed with exclusive content form the field from an aid worker explaining what they are doing and why.

What do Red Cross aid workers do?

At any moment, in almost any crisis around the world, you'll find Red Cross Red Crescent aid workers on the frontlines helping people. Before, during and after disasters and conflicts, their goal is to save lives and alleviate suffering.

They help people cope with disasters and crises, reunite families separated by war or disasters, promote better health and wellbeing and protect those who are caught up in conflicts around the world.

Can I contact the aid workers?

Many operate in high-security environments, where one-on-one contact is not always possible. However, we'll look for ways to make this happen, including passing on your messages (and their responses) or via webinars, face-to-face events and Facebook live events. Stay tuned.

Will I be sent overseas?

No. Australian Red Cross has a roster of highly trained and experienced international aid workers who we deploy overseas in times of disaster or crises.

How do I get into aid work?

If you're interested in a career in humanitarian aid, the best place to start is at one of Australian Red Cross' training courses. You'll find these courses at

Where does the money go?

This product is tied to our international aid work. Donations from the Crisis Response Crew enable Australian Red Cross to support humanitarian operations around the world and help cover the costs Red Cross incurs in deploying and supporting aid workers in the field. This may include deployment of Australian aid workers; support for local frontline response teams; and tools and training to strengthen the response to disasters, conflicts and other crises overseas.