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Students of law - IHL Moot

The 2014 Australian Red Cross IHL Moot will be held during the Australian Law Students Association Annual Conference from 8-12 July in Brisbane. The Grand Final will be held on Saturday 12 July.

Students interested in participating in the competition should contact their local law student society for further details.

Last year's Grand Final winners, Mark Giddings and Tomas Macura from the University of Adelaide, went on to win the Asia-Pacific Moot Court Competition held in Honk Kong earlier this year.

The event, the largest inter-university competition of its kind in the Asia-Pacific, was organised by the Hong Kong Red Cross and the ICRC, together with two major local universities. The judging panel included 95 distinguished judges and lawyers from Hong Kong and elsewhere in the region.

Over three days, students from 24 regional universities took part in the fictitious trials dealing with cases anchored in the reality of conflict and violence. The competition explored the legality of attacking medical units during armed conflict and the use of autonomous drones as weapons of war.

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