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Community Support Initiative

This service is available in Queensland.

Red Cross Lifelong Planning Community Support Initiative - Queensland

The Lifelong Planning Community Support Initiative (LPCSI) aims to compliment and strengthen, not replace, the support provided by families, parents and the natural networks existing within the community. The initiative aims to optimise the individual's development and ability to participate in the community.

Community Support Officers (CSOs) seek to assist people with disabilities, their family or carers to explore the range of formal and informal possibilities available to them in their community. This includes connecting people with community networks, activities, groups or services. We encourage community participation and endeavour to meet our clients in suitable community settings and extend the option to bring a support person.

These services include:

  • information services - assisting with information regarding community resources/referrals and/or services for people with disabilities, their families, carers or service providers
  • short-term support - more intensive one-to-one support to link a community member with the local community (for example providing support in goal setting and/or accessing the requested activity/resource). To access this part of our service the person must register with Department of Communities Disability Services as a recipient of the Community Support Initiative (a short registration only process which we can assist with if required)
  • community building opportunities - this is an ongoing activity which may involve facilitating workshops to promote inclusion or increase skills, creating resources, supporting projects to strengthen the capacity of the community to include people with disabilities, or creating opportunity for collaborative working.

Eligibility and referral

Any community member identifying as living with a disability aged 0 to (and including) 64 years of age, their families, carers, community groups and service providers can access our information and referral services.

We recognise diversity and can organise interpreting services when required.

To access this free service, please contact your local Community Support Officer (CSO):

Area CSO Landline Mobile Email 
North Brisbane Peter 07 3367 4736 0409 644 974
Jimboomba Glenys 07 3367 4735 0407 201 667
Sunshine Coast Angela 1800 351 375  0400 863 870

You may also fax the LPCSI team on 07 3367 7443.

LPCSI programs are also available in South Brisbane, Bayside, Logan and Beenleigh through other service providers. Their contact details can be accessed by e-mailing or by contacting any of the above CSO's.

We encourage feedback on our service enabling continuous improvement.

LPCSI is funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

Some examples of LPCSI activity:

  • LPCSI created a handbook for people thinking about retiring from work to help them with planning. This project was collaboration between Red Cross LPCSI, Business Services employees and families, and various other local organisations. Read more.
  • CSO supporting a working mum of a child with a disability to access formal and informal supports (including social/respite/financial)
  • LPCSI has been involved in a collaborative effort to create the Transition to Schools pack. This pack is for parents of children with a disability to start thinking and planning for transition out of school. Please contact one of the CSOs for further information.