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Community awareness

Raise community awareness about human trafficking and forced marriage

Educating providers on how to work with people who have been trafficked

In 2012 Red Cross conducted 59 "Human Trafficking in Australia' workshops to more than 1,000 participants from over 200 community organisations, service providers and health organisations.

The aim was to educate community service providers on the issue of human trafficking in Australia. Using case studies, participants developed skills and competencies to work safely and ethically with trafficked people.

The workshops also enabled participants to develop networks with colleagues and partner agencies to better refer clients to specialised care.

Raising awareness on labour exploitation in the Indian community

Training workshops were also conducted to raise awareness on labour exploitation with a focus on 457 visa holders and the Indian community. The workshops and production of educational brochures were funded by the Federal Attorney-General's Department.


Red Cross conducted the workshops during 2012 across Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth.

Following these workshops, 98% of participants responded that their knowledge of human trafficking in Australia had significantly improved. Many participants requested further training to enable them to provide appropriate support. Red Cross recommended to the Australian Government that further training be funded.

As an outcome of both projects, Red Cross has developed the following resources

    •  'Human Trafficking in Australia - Frequently Asked Questions' document 
    •  Migrant workers' rights brochure

To find out more

If your community or organisation would like to host a Red Cross workshop to inform your teams on the above topics, contact STPP team at


TRafficking FAQs

The 'Human Trafficking - Frequently Asked Questions' document is a resource on what is human trafficking, the efforts to combat it and how to appropriately respond to the needs to people who have been trafficked. Download