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Community Health Module (CHM) Field Training

Solomon Islands
10 - 18 September 2011

Community Health Module Background

Australian Red Cross in partnership with the Norwegian and Canadian Red Cross has successfully developed a Community Health module (CHM) that over the past two years has been deployed in conjunction with the Norwegian and/or Canadian Hospital or Basic Health Care Emergency Response Units (ERU) to humanitarian emergencies, most recently Pakistan. Though the CHM is self-sufficient and focuses on field work external to the ERU, it is always deployed alongside a Health ERU.

The CHM has a community based public health focus and comprises a team of relevantly experienced and/or qualified public health professionals, environmental health specialists and/or nutritionists. The team works through and at the same time builds the capacity of the operating national society staff and volunteers.

The CHM utilises a specific Health Information System (HIS) to analyse relevant health data and focuses on developing:

  • locally appropriate health awareness materials for education
  • targeted disease surveillance with relevant strategies for disease prevention
  • control and monitoring for the most important causes of morbidity including:
    • diarrhoeal diseases
    • acute respiratory infections
    • acute malnutrition
    • vector and water-borne diseases
    • vaccine-preventable diseases
    • reproductive health
    • trauma, including triage (basic first aid)

CHM Delegate Field Training Outcomes
The CHM field-based training aims to give delegates the opportunity to learn and practice components of CHM, through living and working in a relevant community setting, over a period of 7 days.

An expected outcome is having skilled delegates who are able to mobilise local volunteers to develop and implement locally appropriate awareness activities and disease surveillance systems. These delegates will then be in a position to be deployed as part of a CHM. The training has been previously completed in Fiji and Canada.

Below you will find relevant information and documentation you will need to refer to for this training.

Before you leave

CHM Pre Paper and Biographic Profile - 23 June

CHM Registration Form - 26 April

Federation Code of Conduct

CHM Pre-departure Packing List - 12 July

Solomon Islands Health Briefing - 6 July

Australian Red Cross Medical Kit for Red Cross delegates

Pre-reading resources

CHM Pre-reading, Curriculum and Course Outline - 12 July

CHM Draft Delegate Programme - 13 July

Country information

Summary of Solomon Islands

Security information