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Humanitarian Aid Work & Development Programs

Intensely populated and covering a varied landscape, China is prone to a host of natural disasters. Despite the country's rapid economic growth, there is still inequality and income disparity between regions and between urban and rural populations.

Working in partnership with the Red Cross Society of China across humanitarian aid and development programs, we reach the poorest areas and most vulnerable groups, promoting better community health and preparing for disasters.

Commitment to health

We support the Red Cross Society of China as they work to respond to the varied health needs of their communities. In many remote regions, community health is poor and health systems are not equipped to reach rural and nomadic populations.

We work with the Tibet branch of the Red Cross Society of China to recruit voluntary blood donors and educate about HIV prevention.

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Preparing for disasters together

China is prone to natural disasters including floods, hurricanes, droughts and snowstorms. Hundreds of millions of people are affected each year and need help to rebuild their lives and communities.

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Sharing skills

Australian Red Cross is committed to learning and sharing best practices with the Red Cross Society of China.

Working in partnership, we support their organisational development in many different ways - this could range from providing staff-on-loan, support developing and running programs and sharing knowledge and experiences.