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Chile earthquake and tsunamis 2010

South of Santiago, where the 8.8-magnitude earthquake was centred, the relief efforts continue unabated. Red Cross is working with the Chilean government to provide immediate relief of healthcare, shelter, food and water to those most in need.

Although we are no longer accepting donations, this does not mean closing off assistance for the Chilean people and communities affected. The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement will continue supporting longer-term programs of assistance in the affected areas.

Red Cross mobilised 3000 trained volunteers and staff across the region. With many local hospitals damaged, Spanish Red Cross set up a hospital and Chile Red Cross is distributing food, hygiene articles and other relief items. Dozens of aftershocks have followed the initial earthquake and Red Cross is also providing psychosocial support.

With winter approaching, Red Cross is also working in collaboration with the Chilean government to provide emergency shelter for 10,000 families.

Finding family and friends

Australians seeking ongoing information about Australians in Chile should call the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade hotline on 1300 555 135.

Australians seeking information about non-Australian relatives in Chile should call Australian Red Cross state and territory offices and ask to be connected to the international tracing service:

ACT: (02) 6234 7600
Qld: (07) 3367 7222
NSW: (02) 9229 4266
NT: (08) 8924 3900
SA: (08) 8100 4500
Tas: (03) 6235 6077
Vic: (03) 8327 7883
WA: (08) 9225 1956

The International Committee of the Red Cross has created a Family Links website aimed at enabling people in Chile and abroad to register the names of relatives they are trying to contact. People can register on the Family links website.

How you can help

Australian Red Cross is no longer accepting donations for the Chile earthquake and tsunamis relief and recovery effort.

Red Cross supports many people across Australia and around the world where the need is greatest. While we are no longer able to accept donations for the Chile earthquakes and tsunamis relief effort, you can support the work of Red Cross by:

  • giving monthly
  • leaving a bequest in your will
  • making a one-off donation
  • give blood.

More information

Read stories from the Chile earthquake on the International Federation of the Red Cross website: