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Support for carers (WA)

Are you a carer who lives in Western Australia?

Caring for a loved one or friend can be a demanding and sometimes isolating experience.

Carers are people who provide voluntary care to a partner, relative, friend of neighbor who may have a disability, mental health issue, dementia, terminal illness or is frail aged. Carers can be of any age and may or may not live with the person they care for.

Carers often don't even recognise themselves as carers and may miss out on a range of services and support to help them maintain their caring role.

Red Cross Services

Red Cross has services to help carers maintain their caring role:

  • Carer Support
  • Respite Care

Carer Support

Carer Support can support you to maintain your caring role. We support people who provide care to:

  • Older and frail person who is having difficulty with everyday tasks, including accessing their local community; OR
  • A person with a disability that impacts on their ability to undertake everyday tasts, including accessing their local community.

Carer Support is a HACC funded service. The person you are caring for must be eligible to receive HACC services.

Carer Support groups are available in the metropolitan area and the Wheatbelt, South West and Great Southern regions. Carer Support Groups are an opportunity for carers to come together to exchange information and ideas, and gain support from their peers and Red Cross staff and volunteers. Guest speakers also provide relevant information and advice on training, products and services.

Access to phone support and Carer Support Groups helps to reduce stress, prevent burnout and supports carer health and wellbeing. Referral to other services enables carers to access relevant services which meet their changing needs and situations.

Respite can be arranged and transport provided to make it possible for carers to attend support meetings and social outings, upon request.

To find out more about Red Cross support groups in your area call 1800 441 014 or email

Respite Care

Respite Care provides carers with a one-off short term emergency respite and/or a planned break from their caring role and can include;

  • A qualified person coming into the home so the carer can go out
  • In-home assistance with meal preparation, cleaning and shopping
  • Out-of-home / residential respite care

For further information, fee estimates, referral and advice on a full range of respite care services call 1800 052 222

*Calls from mobile phones are charged at mobile rates