Start a conversation

Being in an emergency isn't something people usually think about, let alone talk about. But talking about what could happen, with the people around you, will help you prepare.

Imagine you've just switched on the news and learnt a fire is threatening your suburb. Who would you tell?

If something were to go terribly wrong, it's the people around you, like your family and neighbours, who will help you the most. They could be there well before emergency services, and stay afterwards to help you recover and get back on your feet.

Tip: A great way to start a conversation is to talk about an emergency situation that is happening somewhere in the world today and try to imagine yourselves in it. Ask them how they'd feel? Ask them how you could help each other?

So start a conversation, and meet your neighbours - If you don't know them already, because the people around you could be VERY helpful in an emergency.


Download your meet your neighbour cards for a simple way to start a conversation.