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Humanitarian Aid Work & Development Programs

Cambodia is going through a period of growth after decades of conflict. However, many people remain poor and struggle to access health services, clean water, sanitation and adequate nutrition, especially in rural areas.

Australian Red Cross and Cambodian Red Cross have worked together since 2007 to support some of the country's most vulnerable people with humanitarian and development programs..

Disability inclusion

Recognising that disability is diverse, we provide opportunities for people with a disability to participate more fully in their communities.

With funding from the Australian Government, we supported 55 projects across the country that raised awareness of disability and its implications, improved accessibility and participation, helped change attitudes and policy, and supported disability-inclusive programming. We also promoted self-help groups and supported people to earn an income.

Back in business
A micro-loan helped landmine survivor On Rith to open his own shop. Read more.

Road safety and first aid

We are supporting people with disabilities to participate in a national road safety program. We also offer a practical first aid course specifically for people with disabilities.

"As I am a person with disability, I felt very impressed with this training as I had never imagined I would be able to learn first aid. But now, I am ready to be a first aid saver for my family as well as community."
Mr Soy Sokhorn, Executive Director, Disabled People's Organisation in Kampong Cham

Stronger, safer communities

Working with rural communities in western Cambodia, we offer targeted community education on issues such as disaster preparedness, landmine accidents, road safety, drug abuse, family violence, dangerous chemicals and health hazards such as poor hygiene and mosquito-borne diseases. Where necessary, we offer micro-loans and vocational support to help people reduce risk-taking practices.

Clean water and health

Many health problems in rural communities stem from a lack of access to health services, safe water and sanitation. We focus on improving water and sanitation facilities, sharing hygiene messages, training people in community-based first aid, and promoting maternal and child health, along with nutrition.

Strengthening Red Cross in Cambodia

A strong and well-resourced National Society is the best way to reach the most vulnerable people across a country. Australian Red Cross is committed to supporting Cambodian Red Cross through skilled volunteers and by sharing resources, systems, methodologies and best practice.



Photo credits: Va Sopheak (Cambodian Red Cross), Australian Red

Back in business


A micro-loan helped landmine survivor On Rith to open his own shop. Read more.