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Big Cake Bake

This October, Big Cake Bake will be happening right across the country.


Big Cake Bake is a fun, easy and rewarding way to support Red Cross - anyone can join in!

Get together with friends, families colleagues and neighbours and fundraise for Red Cross. Events can include a morning or afternoon tea, cake sale or baking competition.

The official event date is Friday, 28 October 2016, however, events can be held anytime throughout October.

You can register as an individual or team and bake your favourite cake, slice, pie, cupcake, cookie or dessert in support of a great cause.

Register now!

Once registered, a host kit will be sent to you with all the tools you need to run a successful event, including an information booklet, donation box, posters and lots more!

All donations raised from Big Cake Bake will support the everyday work of Red Cross, including programs and services to help some of the most vulnerable people in Australia and further afield.

Alternatively, call us during office hours on 1800 811 700, or email us.

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Why register for Big Cake Bake

Big Cake Bake is a delicious reason to get together with colleagues, friends and family, bake your favourite treat, and raise money for a great cause.

Join our celebrity supporters in the kitchen; Kate Ritchie, Maggie Beer, Adrian Richardson, Pamela Clark, Chris Bath and Rowie Dillon to bake the world a better place! For some baking inspiration, take a look at their recipes here.

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'Like' Big Cake Bake on Facebook

Call us on 1800 811 700 during office hours,

or email us.