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Leave a gift in your Will

Red Cross believes that the power of humanity can make a real difference to those in need. Our work in Australia and internationally is to improve the lives of vulnerable people no matter who they are or where they live. What better way to participate and support our vision by leaving a gift in your Will to Red Cross and helping change the future, for the better, for generations to come.

Why gifts in Wills matter

Red Cross relies upon the generosity of people like you.

After you have provided for your loved ones, please consider leaving a gift in your Will to Red Cross. Each and every gift makes a difference. Currently, around $1 in every $5 of our donated income comes from gifts in Wills. This money ensures that long into the future we will assist people in need no matter who they are, where they live or how big or small the crisis.

How your gift could help

With little or no impact on your lifestyle today, a gift in your Will is one of the most powerful ways you can be sure the vital work of Red Cross continues helping lives for years to come.

A gift in your Will could help us:

  • Serve over 750,000 healthy nutritious breakfasts each year, to children who would otherwise go hungry, a chance to achieve their full potential.
  • Make sure thousands of elderly and frail Australians have friendly contact everyday so they continue to live independently and with dignity.
  • Help disaster survivors, in Australia and internationally, overcome their grief and loss through emotional support and practical assistance.
  • Help homeless people find a home connect to work and a new life.
  • Directly benefit thousands of people in the Asia Pacific region with our water and sanitation programs
  • Befriend and empower people who experience mental illness or extreme isolation, helping them to connect to services and supportive social networks.
  • Give vulnerable young parents around Australia support to help manage daily life with a young dependant.


Red Cross must always be there for people in need. We would be delighted if you would consider leaving a gift to Red Cross in your Will.

Request our brochure

Request our brochure

To request a copy of our brochure, email us or call
1800 811 700.

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