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Meet other Bequestors

Keith Campbell

When Keith Campbell was in his early twenties, he was a member of the R.A.A.F Bomber Command in England. In July of 1944, his aircraft was hit by flak over Germany and he became a Prisoner of War. His first contact with Red Cross was at the interrogation centre, where he was given food and clothing. Throughout the war, he told us, support from Red Cross was the difference between surviving and not making it. While Keith humbly says he could not possibly repay this generosity, he has left a gift in his Will as a gesture of thanks. His kind bequest will ensure Red Cross can continue to be there for people in need for generations to come.

Lucy Adams

From a young age, Lucy Adams has been in the habit of helping people. She first found out about Red Cross at University in 1973, when stretchers were set up in the main hall and Lucy gave her first blood donation. Her involvement and passion for the work of Red Cross grew over the years as she became a weekend volunteer coordinator for the local Trauma Teddy Project, and the TeleCross program, phoning elderly people around Australia to help them stay connected with the community. More than 30 years later, Lucy remains a loyal Red Cross supporter. She has committed fully to the work of Red Cross with ongoing financial donations, ninety (and counting) blood donations and a legacy in her Will to Red Cross that will fund vital support initiatives for people in need, well into the future.

Genie Fiebig

Genie Fiebig's association with Red Cross began when her family began receiving letters to say they were tracing family members through Red Cross whilst living in Poland during the war. After migrating to Australia and needing blood from the Australian Red Cross during hip replacement surgery, Genie decided it was time to give something back.

Anita Clayton

Since becoming a Junior Red Cross member, Anita Clayton dreamt of becoming of a nurse. In her prolific career, Anita worked as a nurse in indigenous communities and looked after refugees alongside Red Cross workers. It wasn't until she required the services of Red Cross for her elderly father that Anita realised the invaluable role that Red Cross play in the community and decided to support them.

Eva Sheaves

For Eva Sheaves, Red Cross was literally a shining light in the dark - Red Cross picked her family up across the Austrian border as they were fleeing Hungary after an uprising. After resettling in Australia, Red Cross continued to help by providing a small allowance. Eva says it was natural for her to consider leaving a gift in her Will to Red Cross after all that they have done for her in her life.

Valerie Craig

As a young girl Valerie remembers visiting those who needed help with her mother, who was President of the local Red Cross Branch. Later in life, Valerie volunteered at a hospice for over 13 years after her husband died. The feeling of helping others gives her a "warm fuzzy feeling". Another way she helps people in need is through her long term support of Red Cross, including her generous gift to Red Cross in her Will.

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