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Australian Red Cross is accepting donations for the US Hurricane 2005 Relief Appeal

Friday September 2, 2005

American Red Cross is currently undertaking the largest mobilisation of resources for a single domestic disaster in their 124-year history to respond to the needs of people affected by the Hurricane Katrina.

Donations for the Australian Red Cross US Hurricane 2005 Relief Appeal can be made online at, by calling our toll free number 1800 811 700 from anywhere within Australia to make a credit card donation, or by sending a cheque titled 'US Hurricane 2005 Relief Appeal' to Australian Red Cross, GPO Box 9949 in any capital city.

Australian Red Cross will pass 100 per cent of all donations received to American Red Cross to provide shelter, food, counselling and other assistance to those in need.

The Australian Government has recognised the unprecedented burden placed on the American people by the disaster and has moved quickly to enable that donations to the Australian Red Cross for the US Hurricane 2005 Relief Appeal are tax deductible.

American Red Cross has so far mobilised nearly 1,900 staff and volunteers and is deploying more than 250 Emergency Response Units to provide food and water. In addition, more than 200 Red Cross shelters are housing thousands of residents who fled the hurricane's devastation.

American Red Cross is focused on providing essential relief such as shelter, water and food to those affected. Red Cross is preparing more than 15 kitchens, with a capacity to feed more than 350,000 every day. Currently American Red Cross is caring for some 70,000 affected people in Red Cross shelters.

Australian Red Cross is not able to accept donations in kind. Most goods that are needed can be purchased locally or in the region, and that way every dollar donated can go much further. In addition, the cost of transporting goods from Australia is generally high, so Australians are urged to make monetary donations, not 'goods in kind'.

The acknowledgment by President Bush that it will take the region years to recover is also a powerful reminder of the huge task which lies ahead for countries in our region to recover from the Tsunami.

Australian Red Cross stands ready to provide any other further assistance to our colleagues at American Red Cross should such a request be made.

To donate to the US Hurricane 2005 Relief Appeal:

  • Call 1800 811 700

  • Visit to make a secure online donation

  • Send a cheque to GPO Box 9949 marked 'US Huricane 2005 Relief Appeal' in your capital city