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Australian first: Red Cross explores new fundraising channel

Thursday November 15, 2007

Red Cross will this month embark on a form of charity fundraising never before seen in Australia: donation cards sold through retail outlets including selected Australia Post stores. For the first time the Australian community can support charity through the purchase of donation cards in major retail outlets.

This venture, in partnership with Blackhawk Network, a leader in card-based financial solutions, will help raise much needed funds for Red Cross humanitarian programs and provide a convenient and hassle-free way of donating.

The donation cards, which will give Red Cross a retail presence across the country are currently being sold through Australia Post and are set to grow in the next six months to include other major retailers.

'Selling donation cards through retail stores gives Red Cross a chance to get in front of far more people, which in turn means we can help more people,' said Red Cross National Director of Marketing, Fundraising and Communications, Jennifer Gibb.

Stewart Rigby, Managing Director of Blackhawk Network Australia said Australians are extremely generous when giving to others.

'As a nation we have a strong social conscience and embrace the opportunity to give a present of meaning to family and friends. The donation card offers a completely new way to think about how we give to charity.'

Red Cross donation cards are available in either $25 or $50. Just $25 can provide a healthy breakfast for 35 kids who would otherwise miss out, and $50 can supply enough purification tablets to make 250 litres of safe drinking water during an emergency -- making them a simple and thoughtful gift for Christmas, birthdays and special occasions.