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Asylum seekers and refugees

For over 20 years Red Cross has been providing support to people who have arrived in Australia seeking protection. We work with people regardless of how they arrived in Australia and regardless of their immigration status. We believe that everyone deserves the right to dignity and respect.

Asylum seekers can face extreme hardship and uncertainty about the future. Our programs are designed to provide support and opportunities for asylum seekers while they resolve their immigration status.

How we help

We help asylum seekers access medical, housing and other essential services. We provide housing for families and children who are living in the community and offer support to help ensure children attend school in the local community.

We offer one-on-one case work to eligible clients and run group education sessions for asylum seekers. In these sessions we provide information on topics such as finding accommodation, setting up bank accounts and accessing government services.

This work is funded by the Department of Immigration through the Status Resolution Support Service program.

I am an asylum seeker, how can you help me?

Red Cross can help asylum seekers to apply for the Status Resolution Support Service (SRSS) program. Please visit Help for asylum seekers or contact your nearest Red Cross Hub for more information.

The Department of Immigration sets the eligibility criteria for the program and must approve all applications made to the program. The Department of Immigration also manages visa applications. Red Cross cannot assist or influence this process in any way or provide legal advice.

The Hub

We offer Hubs in every capital city where asylum seekers and other migrants can drop in for on-the-spot help for a range of issues.

Read more about our Hubs.

Want to get involved?

Volunteer with our Migration Support Programs! If you have a skill you could share or some time you could offer please contact the Hub in your state or territory to discuss volunteering opportunities.

Translators and interpreters
We are always in need of volunteer translators and interpreters in a variety of languages. Please contact your local Hub to discuss opportunities in your area.