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The following resources have been designed to assist people working in emergencies. Please email us for more information about these resources or to order hard copies.

Preparedness resources

Disaster Ready
A guide for planning and facilitating workshops for the community service sector.

Help people prepare for disasters with Red Cross RediPlan
Red Cross RediPlan is a free disaster preparedness guide packed with helpful hints and strategies on how to prepare for disasters and make an emergency plan.

RediPlan is available in a lite version, for individuals and families who want to learn about getting prepared and making an emergency plan, and a comprehensive version.

The comprehensive RediPlan is ideal for community leaders/speakers, carers, teachers or emergency organisations who want to help people prepare for disasters and can be used in conjunction with the lite version. The guide shows how people can plan to recover from disaster through four simple steps and offers best-practice information and advice for psychosocial preparedness.

Get your Red Cross RediPlan: comprehensive disaster preparedness guide and help people get ready for anything.

Overview of Red Cross Emergency Services program

Response resources

Evacuation Centre Field Guide
$25 | order online

Emergency Sheltering Management Handbook
$10 | order online

Preferred Sheltering Practices for Emergency Sheltering in Australia: The Application of International Humanitarian Best Practice
$20 | order online

Two posters: Preferred Sheltering Practices for Emergency Sheltering in Australia - Sanitation; Water supply; Shelter and Space; Waste and Food
$15 | order online

Poster: Preferred Sheltering Practices (sanitation, water supply, shelter and space management, waste management)
free download

Poster: Preferred Sheltering Practices poster (food)
free download

Preferred Sheltering Practices for Emergency Sheltering Practices in Australia

Emergency Sheltering in Australia: Considerations Beyond the Four Walls and a Roof

Emergency Relief Handbook: A planning guide 2013 produced in partnership between the Department of Human Services and the Red Cross.

Psychological First Aid: An Australian guide to supporting people affected by disaster.

Recovery resources

Communicating in recovery
book | training modules

Principles of communicating in recovery
fact sheet

Three rules of recovery communication
fact sheet

Community Recovery Information Series
facilitator guide

Emergency Services Outreach Guidelines

Reports and discussion papers

Building the disaster resilience of the homeless community
Research findings.

Needs Assessment and Psychosocial Support After Emergencies: Victorian multi-agency outreach framework and guidelines This guide is for agencies in Victoria responsible for planning and delivering outreach and aims to improve the way outreach activities are conducted during disaster recovery.

Disaster resilience, management and preparedness in Aboriginal communities in Darwin and PalmerstonHow Aboriginal communities deal with disasters in cyclone-prone Darwin-and how emergency organisations can provide better support in times of crises.

Co-working in disaster recovery: the report of the 3rd National Disaster Resilience Roundtable

Beyond the blanket: The role of not-for-profits and non traditional stakeholders in emergency management 2nd National Disaster Resilience Roundtable report

Relationships matter: the application of social capital to disaster resilience
National Disaster Resilience Roundtable report

Survey of spontaneous volunteers
Research report | Project report | Draft framework | Communication strategy | Implementation plan | Acknowledgements

Evaluation of Red Cross personal support services in Queensland
plain English statement of results

Lessons learned by Community Recovery Committees of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires
Advice offered to communities impacted by disaster

Adaptive approaches to disaster response and recovery viewed through a psychosocial lens: Sydney Siege Case Study.
Case study


Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council.
Australian Centre for post-traumatic mental health.
Australian Child and Adolescent Trauma, Loss and Grief Network.
Psychological support in disasters.
Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub 

Communicating in Recovery

Training to assist people to communicate more effectively after an emergency. Read more.