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Advocating on behalf of people who have been trafficked or forced into marriage

Red Cross seeks to assist migrants, irrespective of their legal status whose survival, dignity, physical or mental health is under threat.

We strongly advocate on behalf of people who have been trafficked or forced into marriage.

We advocate on many levels.

Our caseworkers advocate every day to service providers on behalf of individual clients to ensure they get the help they need.

Red Cross also advocates on behalf of all people who have been trafficked and forced into marriage to Australian Government. As an auxiliary to government, much of our advocacy occurs confidentially and directly to government.

Below are a two of Red Cross' advocacy papers that were submitted confidentially to the government, but later released to the public following a request from the Australian Government.

Advocacy papers:
Submission to the New South Wales Community Relations Commission Inquiry into the Exploitation of Women through Trafficking

Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Human Rights Sub-Committee: Inquiry into Slavery, Slavery like conditions and People Trafficking

To find out more

To find out more about Red Cross advocacy and work with people made vulnerable in time of migration, visit our Migration Support program pages  


TRafficking FAQs

The 'Human Trafficking - Frequently Asked Questions' document is a resource on what is human trafficking, the efforts to combat it and how to appropriately respond to the needs to people who have been trafficked. Download