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Watch our volunteers at work in life-changing workplaces across the globe.

Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) continues a tradition of voluntary service for Australian Red Cross that began in 1914.  

The program aims to help the most disadvantaged people in Asia, Africa and the Pacific to achieve healthier, safer and more sustainable lives. This simple priority brings enormous complexity: the strengthening of local health services, the logistics of preparing for disasters and emergencies, and the need to support marginalised groups to fully participate in their communities.  

Volunteerism is at the heart of our approach. By linking skilled Australian professionals with local people creating change in their communities, we work towards a future characterised by inclusive growth, human rights, equality and active citizenship.  

Our 100 years of experience tells us that solutions robust enough to work are often found locally. That's why our work is squarely aimed at creating stronger and more effective local organisations, through partnerships over several years. From sustainable farming projects to disaster warning systems, our partners engage Australian volunteers to strengthen their work and serve their communities.  

Our volunteers are health workers, fire fighters, horticulturists, marketers, accountants, program coordinators and more. They are trained, professional and committed.  

The AVID program allows Red Cross to tap into a pool of talented people who want to support our work overseas - enabling us to mobilise more of the power of humanity, more often.

Volunteering overseas with Red Cross

When you volunteer with Red Cross, you become part of the world's largest humanitarian movement, dedicated to preventing and alleviating human suffering wherever it might be found.

Your knowledge and professional expertise will support talented people who are creating change in their communities. Your focus is on capacity development: helping your host organisation to strengthen its services and improve policy and practices through training, systems, planning, professional development and other support.

By volunteering overseas you will enrich your career with new skills and experience, develop personally, build lasting friendships and experience a country and a culture as no tourist or traveller ever could.

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